Let your light shine!

At Centre Stage Vocal Academy we love to sing! It’s really that simple.
Maureen started her teaching career 20 years ago out of a passion for helping students find their voice and to love it. Seeing your voice as a unique part of you, like your fingerprint, is paramount. Your voice is uniquely yours, it’s your sound and that needs to be explored and developed in a safe and supportive way. Why copy someone else’s sound when you have your own beautiful voice?

Shona is a past pupil of Maureen’s and shares the same philosophy about singing. She has added so much to Centre Stage since she joined the school, her students love her classes and find Shona’s natural caring personality encouraging and supportive.

We love to teach singing because there’s nothing quite like being there when a student has a vocal breakthrough and they start to realise their vocal potential. Or helping a stressed-out exam student with repertoire or a vocal issue. Or hearing from an ecstatic student that they finally sang that party piece that they previously lacked the confidence to do so. These are very special moments. This is why we do what we do.

We often find that having a goal to achieve can really focus the student and with this in mind we offer Royal Irish Academy of Music exams in Classical Singing and Musical Theatre. When students receive their certificate, there is an immense sense of achievement which further encourages a confidence and love for their voice.

We also help students with Junior certificate and Leaving certificate practical exams in music. It can be incredibly frustrating to produce a programme for practical exams that show off vocal ability whilst also exploring different genres. With our direction we can help our students choose a suitable and enjoyable programme to wow any examiner.

We have Singing lesson classes in Ballina, Belmullet and also online!


Maureen Lawlor

Maureen studied Music and English in Maynooth University and subsequently opened up her singing school ‘Lawlor School of Song’ in 2002. Since then the school has grown and in 2016 became ‘Centre Stage Vocal Academy’.

Since opening her school Maureen has produced numerous concerts, musicals and has been involved with local community events such as the ‘William Wallace Bicentenary Concert’ and Musical Director for the ‘Mr Yeats visit to Killala’ events.

She has also organised Singing Competitions for her students working with Dr Hannah Fahy Irish World Academy UL and Maire Keary-Scanlon Irish World Academy UL. Under Maureen’s baton, students enjoy learning about their voice as an instrument, how to take care of their voice and also learn valuable tools such as breathing and vocal techniques all the while developing their own individual style.

Students can take exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Classical or Musical Theatre studies. Music Theory is an important part of Maureen’s Singing Lesson classes. Students learn to read sight-sing, understand rhythm and also develop Aural skills.

Over the years Maureen has developed a way of teaching that students respond to in a positive and creative way. Students learn to discover their voice, nurture it and love it!

Shona Louise Seck

Shona successfully completed her degree in Voice and Dance in the University of Limerick in 2017 and since then has completed a post graduate in Vocal Pedagogy (professional practice) with distinction, and is currently achieving her master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy.

She previously researched various areas of vocal pedagogy such as the developing voice in adolescents and postural alignment and breathing for singing. Shona current topic of research for her MA is the vocal health and rehabilitation for healthy and injured singers. Prior to her degree Shona also attended Galway Community College and completed a one-year level 5 course in Theatre and Performance with which she also completed with distinction and excelled in the lead role of the annual production, which ran for two nights in the prestigious Druid Lane Theatre under the direction of Aoife Connolly.

Her musical career began when she joined Centre Stage Vocal Academy as a teenager where she completed her Royal Irish Academy of Music musical theatre and popular singing exams with distinction under Maureen Lawlor. Shona has been teaching solo singing, musical theatre stage school classes, preschool classes both in studio and online over the last 7 years from which she has gained extensive experience in the world of teaching and performance.

Finéinn Quinn

Instrument Teacher

It is my pleasure to welcome the multi-talented Finéinn Quinn to Centre Stage Vocal Academy. Finéinn hails from beautiful and quaint Foxford, where his love of music first began. He was introduced to the Fiddle by Marie Barry. With this first taste of music Finéinn’s interest in instruments soared and he learned the Bodhran, keyboard and Guitar. Fineinn has many accolades but the one he is most proud of is when he won Gold at the All Ireland Fleadh Bodhrán competition at Derry, 2013. Since then he has taught many students who have won medals at All Ireland level. He is also a song writer and released ‘Object Of My Affection’ in 2017 and ‘Wherever You Are’ in 2020.

Finéinn studied Music Performance and Production at Galway University and throughout his education he has performed as a solo artist and with other bands throughout Ireland, Europe and the U.S. Influences from a young age have been the likes of Coldplay, Christy Moore, David Bowie, Hudson Taylor and Kodaline among others. Overall, Finéinn has been a Performing Artist and Music Teacher for over 8 yrs. His passion for performing and teaching are equal and this makes him a perfect fit to our team.

Lyndsay Golden

Music Teacher Assistant

Lyndsay is currently a student of the University of Limerick where she is studying Performing Arts, majoring in Voice. Lyndsay has studied voice under both Maureen Lawlor and Shona Seck for ten years and has completed her Royal Irish Academy of Music exams in Musical Theatre and Popular Singing with distinction. Lyndsay is currently studying Voice with Marie Walshe and Performance with Dr. Hannah Fahy in UL.

Lyndsay went to St. Mary’s Secondary School and studied music under Regina Deacy. In her leaving certificate music exam she received a H2. In St. Mary’s Transition Year musical production of Billy Elliot, Lyndsay played the role of the ‘young’ Billy Elliot and this cemented her love for the stage.

She has experience when it comes to working with children in particular to musical production and has also worked with Star Camps, which she loved. Lyndsay is extremely passionate about the teaching music to children at a young age. During her studies, exams, performances and competitions, she has experienced her own growth in her confidence and vocal talent and skill. This personal and professional growth has inspired her to share her rewarding experiences with the children in her classroom. Lyndsay assists Shona on Saturdays with our junior group classes; Doh, Ray & Me! And Mini Mozarts.

Sean O Flaherty Falconer

Piano Teacher

I am delighted to introduce the incredibly talented Sean O Flaherty Falconer. Sean is a 21 year old classically trained pianist currently in his final year studying Music in the University of Limerick. He began playing piano at the age of 8 under Regina Deacy’s tutelage and from there he was awarded a Scholarship and Bursary to attend the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin under the direction of Professor Therese Fahy for 3 years before attending Mayo School of Music with the fantastic Finola Higgins where he earned his Grade 8 and Senior Cert in Classical Piano.

 Sean has also been teaching for 6years and has performed at numerous events and taken part successfully in Feis Ceoil throughout Ireland. I am thrilled to welcome Sean as a member of the C.S.V.A. team