Online Classes

At Centre Stage we encourage your voice to shine with friendly classes starting from 3 years and upwards, that include breathing and vocal techniques to help develop and strengthen your voice in a safe and healthy way. As part of our syllabus we include music theory from beginners to advanced taught in a fun and engaging way. If students wish they can also do Royal Irish Academy exams in Theory and Harmony.

Junior and Leaving Certificate Music Practical exams

We also help students with Junior and Leaving certificate practical exams in music. It can be incredibly frustrating to produce a programme for practical exams that show off vocal ability whilst also exploring different genres. With our direction we can help our students choose a suitable and enjoyable programme to wow any examiner.


This can all be achieved online from the comfort of your own home. We use Musico for all our classes. Each student has their own private account on Musico. Lesson plans are shared to students’ timelines and can be enjoyed between class to encourage practice. It’s like having a digital folder! Everything is there at your fingertips.


Classes include breathing and vocal techniques and exercises to help develop and strengthen your voice in a safe and healthy way.

Singing and Theory exams with The Royal Irish Academy of Music

We often find that having a goal to achieve can really focus the student and with this in mind we offer Royal Irish Academy of Music exams in Classical Singing and Musical Theatre. When students receive their certificate, there is an immense sense of achievement which further encourages a confidence and love for their voice.

Fees and Times

Online classes are one to one and run for 30mins. Once you are booked in, your class will take place at the same time and day weekly for the duration of the term. A term is typically 8 weeks long but can vary. Term fee is based on 8 weeks is €145.


Once your term has been booked, there will be no refund or carrying forward of fees if you miss classes, however, it is possible to reschedule with your teacher if their timetable allows it.


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